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About Us


At Brennan Motorworks, we take pride in the work we do. Each truck that is refurbished is backed with a warranty on all engine and drive-train components. All truck chassis are refinished using KBS coatings, a high strength rust preventative to protect the back bone of your newly refurbished vehicle. Call us today for our latest inventory, and check out our specialties to see more details on what we can do to restore your truck or fleet.

Service & Restorations

Brennan Motorworks provides expert service in both medium and heavy duty trucks, because we know you depend on your truck to earn a living. With a fully ASE certified staff for medium and heavy truck repair, the customer receives high quality expertise at the right price. When the time comes to breathe new life into your truck, the experts are here to restore it and help you gain the maximum service life from your vehicle


Having trouble locating quality OEM parts? Let us find the components you need to keep your wheels turning. We use genuine OE parts when repairing your vehicle to ensure the right fix, the first time. We also carry an array of products for your fleet, from premium interstate batteries, to high quality refinishing products such as KBS coatings and PPG's DelFleet line.

Our specialties

Isuzu Trucks

We are specialized as a non-dealer repair facility in Isuzu's complete line of commercial trucks sold in North America.  With unmatched experience and expertise like no other independent shop in our area, we can provide the best service in this brand without the cost of going to a dealer. 

Truck restorations

With the high rising cost of new diesel trucks, restoring your current vehicle is a more cost effective answer to having a reliable fleet. Our process of refurbishing and restoration consist of the following: A complete vehicle assessment; at this step we determine if the truck is feasible to restore, and what needs to be done to get your vehicle back to a like new condition. Next, we clean the entire vehicle and roll it into the shop for tear down. At this step, all engine and drive train components undergo a more thorough visual inspection based on fluid condition, and internal wear. If a component is determined to be worn or nearing the end of its service life, it is removed and either rebuilt, or replaced. These components include items such as; Radiators, engines and transmissions, oil and cooling lines, gaskets, alternators, engine bearings, clutches and much more. Once the engine and drive train components as well as their related parts have been taken care of, we move to the chassis. At this step, wheels are removed, brakes, steering and suspension are inspected further, and all worn components are changed. After all mechanical items have been addressed, fluids and filters have been changed and any remaining components have been addressed, we move to refinishing the chassis. All rust and old paint is stripped and sanded, and the high strength KBS rust seal and top coat are applied. The wheels are then re painted, new tires mounted, and the vehicle gets finished with all necessary cosmetic and interior items cleaned, polished or replaced. Accessories such as A/C, heat and in-cab electrical components are tested and repaired as necessary; but we dont stop here. Next we complete the road test. Using the latest high tech equipment, we monitor all engine and drive train data while operating the vehicle to ensure everything runs smoothly. After this step, its time for that one last check. A well trained and experienced technician looks over every component for any defect in workmanship, or overlooked item. Once the vehicle has passed the inspection, it is ready to be put back to work. 

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